waliif Education Share Company

Message From the director

Gololcha Balli

Our company is both business and identity building oriented that has planned to work on all levels of education from KG- University. The company was established by the well committed, devoted, patriot and highly experienced professionals and intellectuals graduated from the higher institutions by different educational backgrounds. The main reason why the company established is to continue generation by teaching their indigenous culture and language through quality education and real science. The Company is licensed and registered by Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau and issued under Commercial Registration and Business license proc No.686/2010. Company established by 4million and now selling shares to one billion birr and company has planned to an opened minimum 15 branches in 2019 and company has received 6 school lands from Oromia special sub cities and others are pending but will be on board very soon. Company’s Vision and mission are envisions being a leading private School and University in delivering internationally high standard quality education by Afan Oromo and English language and additionally to produce worldwide competent and professionals students and to capacitate our shareholders through Economic Empowerment respectively. Many people are not taking school as a profiting but the feasibility undergone by our company has realized it is inter-generational sustainable money printing business. In terms of identity, culture and language it is nation building project. So all interested are cordially invited to be a part project by buying our share. Our office is situated in lideta Awash building 8th floor

waliif Education Share Company Branches

Bale Branch

  • Bale
  • 5-star
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Jimma Branch

  • Jimma
  • 4-star
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Nekmte Branch

  • Nekmte
  • 5-star
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Sebeta Branch

  • sebeta
  • 5-star
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Shakiso branch

  • Shakiso
  • 4-star
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Tafoo Branch

  • Tafoo
  • 5-star
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Schools Facilities and Services

Administration and student services
  • school adminstration
  • provides appropriate information
  • the School president
  • academic staff
  • external affairs office

Library and doucmentation
  • Provide resources
  • provide counciling
  • provide researches
  • provide clearances
  • provide informations

student council and leadership
  • represent students
  • host events
  • host competition
  • make decisions
  • external affairs office

Security and other services
  • handle security
  • provide lookout
  • work at events
  • Help students
  • Community service

waliif Live network

Join our Student Live network

  • Find online mentors, find professional
  • We provide online resources
  • premium serivices, online live tutorials
  • We provide valid certification

join an online community of teachers

waliif has great network of teachers that here to work to make the vision you have for your children a reality. Enrolling your children in waliif is the base upon which your children's future is built upon. waliif Education is your partner in making your dreams a reality. we produce the next generation of teachers, doctors, lawyers, architects etc.....

Study, play, relax and have fun

Here at waliif we emphasize the important of time management. children are not only given the platform where by they study but also a platform where by they relax, have fun, socialize with their peers. we believe that extracurcular activities make the mind of the student more sharp and ready to learn.

Waliif Education

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