Waliif Education SC


Education SC

Waliif Company is a dual purpose company; we strive to build nation identity and to economically empower our shareholders by investing in the generations’ education. The company has been established by the well committed, devoted, patriot and highly experienced professionals and intellectuals of different academic backgrounds


Waliif Education Share Company aspires to be ranked among the top ten pre-eminent East African full-fledged Private education companies in 2030.


To produce worldwide competent students by giving a full- fledged, innovative, creative and state of art education services (From KG-University) to the Oromo children and youths by designing and applying an Oromo Culture responsive pedagogy which fits to the international standards and economically empower our shareholders in order to foster social and economic development of the nation

Core value

  • Excellence
  • Commitment, responsibility and quality services
  • Creativity, Innovation and responsiveness
  • Unity and Teamwork
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Professionalism
  • Trustworthiness and Impartiality
  • Student centeredness
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Oromo norm and Value centeredeness

Major Objective

  • Establish internationally standard quality Education for our nation
  • Teach and Ensure highly standard quality education by Afaan Oromo and English
  • Produce well Competent student in world particularly in East Africa
  • Provide education both by international and indigenous Curriculums
  • Our school emphasis on Innovation and creativity, Language development local identity and socio-cultural enhancement via high quality education.
  • Develop the idea of health science and teach first aid health education from grade seven
  • Introduce the idea of technology and teach basic computer skill from grade one
  • Provide cost effective education for low income family
  • Give scholarship for outstanding, handicapped students, and specially Ladies are more encouraged.
  • Ensure the teaching learning process through creating conducive learning environment and applying student centered pedagogy
  • Ascertain the relevance & adequacy of learning resources & student support services.
  • Establish strategic partnership for support and project fund with, local, national and international business and academic institutions.