Waliif Education SC


Startup capital and share policy

The company is established by initial capital of 4,000,000 (four million) and it is a share company that paved platform for all to be involved. To upgrade its capital, the company is selling shares to all interested individuals. The value of the share on the market is 1,000 birr and the maximum amount of shares ranged from 2-5,000 respectively which means 2000 (two thousand) to 5,000,000 (five million) birr with additional 10% service charge.

Be informed that the share payment can be within two schedules which means from the total share you may buy, 50% with 10% service charge must be paid upon registration while the remaining 50% will be paid in 1 year time.

We are certified to sell one billion Ethiopian birr.

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Name of  Bank

Payment of subscribed share

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Account number

 Awash Bank






Coop bank of Oromia



Commercial Bank of Ethiopia



Interest Free Banking Accounts




Coop bank of Oromia



Awash International Bank




Buy 2 shares and get rich, Empower Economy, develop Language, Encourage innovation, build identity, and create job opportunity for a nation.

Address: Lideta sub-City, Awash Bank Building , Next to Balcha Hospital 2th Floor House No: 201

Contact Person

 Gololcha Balli Gobana

General Manager and Founder

Mob: 0920126873

Marketing Development Director:

Diribsa Damxe  Mob:- 0922226503

Communication officer: 0901557766

Share Sales

Our company belongs to you. This reality is reflected by one of our motto “Together is better”. We are building community based company through creating equal opportunity to join our company as investors by buying company stocks/shares. You can buy our shares individually or institutionally. The minimum share to buy is 10(ten), while the maximum is 5000(five thousand). The money equivalence is 10,000(ten thousand) and 5,000,000(five million) with  their 10% subscription fee of 1.000(one thousand) and 500.000(five hundred thousand) respectively. For instance, if you want to buy the minimum 10 shares, you are expected to pay 11.000(capital=10,000; Subscription 10%=1000)

You can follow the following link to buy shares….